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Compact2025 is an initiative for ending hunger and undernutrition by 2025. By building a knowledge base, promoting innovation, and bringing stakeholders together, Compact2025 helps countries develop, scale up, and communicate policies and programs to accelerate progress.

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Featured Resources: Week of March 23

A special issue of the IFPRI Insights newsletter highlights a series of analyses from IFPRI researchers and guest contributors on the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on national and global food and

Featured Resources: Week of March 9

An article in World Development reflects on two decades of research by IFPRI economists and nutritionists and concludes that well-designed pragmatic randomized controlled trials (RCTs) can generate

Featured Resources: Week of February 24

A UN Standing Committee on Nutrition discussion paper reviews the challenges associated with the complex web of pathways that link water, food security, and nutrition outcomes. It recommends three key