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Compact2025 is an initiative for ending hunger and undernutrition by 2025. By building a knowledge base, promoting innovation, and bringing stakeholders together, Compact2025 helps countries develop, scale up, and communicate policies and programs to accelerate progress.

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Featured Resources: Week of February 12

At the recent launch of African Leaders for Nutrition (ALN)—an initiative championed by the African Development Bank and the African Union Commission—African leaders agreed to jointly overcome

Featured Resources: Week of January 29

A new World Bank report “Standing Tall: Peru's Success in Overcoming its Stunting Crisis” explains how the country more than halved its stunting rates among children under five from 28 percent in 2008

Meeting synopsis: Compact2025 event in Ethiopia

The meeting synopsis of the Compact2025 event in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia held on December 15, 2017 is now available. More information and meeting documents from the Forum can be found in the summary

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