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Compact2025 is an initiative for ending hunger and undernutrition by 2025. By building a knowledge base, promoting innovation, and bringing stakeholders together, Compact2025 helps countries develop, scale up, and communicate policies and programs to accelerate progress.

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Featured Resources: Week of June 18

Key policy actions are urgently needed to end hunger and malnutrition. Efforts must focus on improving diet quality for all according to an article in the BMJ. The authors—including experts from Tufts

Featured Resources: Week of June 4

The 2018 Access to Nutrition Index finds that the world’s largest food and beverage companies have stepped up their efforts to encourage better diets. However, they need to do much more to set

RT @IFPRI The @IFPRI-led #Compact2025 initiative brings stakeholders together country-by-country to devise approaches to #endhunger by 2025 – 5 years earlier than #SDG2. We’re optimistic because good policies work: we’ve already seen countries make rapid progress compact2025.org