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Compact2025 is an initiative for ending hunger and undernutrition by 2025. By building a knowledge base, promoting innovation, and bringing stakeholders together, Compact2025 helps countries develop, scale up, and communicate policies and programs to accelerate progress.

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Featured Resources: Week of September 10

The 2018 State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World analyses the drivers of hunger and malnutrition and finds that the number of undernourished people has increased from around 804 million in

Featured Resources: Week of August 27

The new World Bank report “All Hands on Deck” reviews multisectoral approaches to reduce stunting in 33 African countries. It finds the greatest reductions in stunting are associated with increases in

RT @ShenggenFan Research by @IFPRI & Univ. of London find increased access to dairy products benefits child #nutrition, but need to improve nutritional knowledge & breastfeeding practices: bit.ly/2xqzOpb More news & research in the #Compact2025 News in Brief: bit.ly/2MLsutW pic.twitter.com/TNMarPjwQY