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Compact2025 is an initiative for ending hunger and undernutrition by 2025. By building a knowledge base, promoting innovation, and bringing stakeholders together, Compact2025 helps countries develop, scale up, and communicate policies and programs to accelerate progress.

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Featured resources: Week of May 13, 2020

Strengthening food supply chains can play a central role in breaking the vicious cycle of conflict, undernourishment, and forced migration. An IFPRI issue post examines how integrating forcibly

Featured Resources: Week of April 29

Conflict and insecurity are still the main drivers of food crises. COVID-19 may drive up hunger in the 55 countries that are home to 135 million acutely food-insecure people. The Global Network

Featured Resources: Week of April 13

Food systems are evolving quickly to meet growing and changing demand, but they are not serving everyone’s needs. IFPRI’s 2020 Global Food Policy Report looks at the obstacles and opportunities as